Thrilla from Manila: Phoenix Fashion Week’s grande finale was out of this world !

October 8, 2013

It’s hard to describe what designer Rocky Gathercole sent down the runway for Phoenix Fashion Week’s final show on Saturday night – but it was definitely a dramatic close to the 3-day event. Mr. Gathercole, based in Manila, describes himself as avant garde and it’s clear there were pieces from different collections showcased in this presentation. Showgirls, Bridal Couture and Battlestar Gallactica ? It’s beyond words, which is why we have cameras…

Rocky Gathercole, 13e

Rocky Gathercole, 12e

Rocky Gathercole, 6e

Rocky Gathercole, 5e

Rocky Gathercole, 3e

The craftsmanship and detail on these pieces was astounding. Beads and embellishments, feathers and ribbons… nothing was off limits. The models wore sequins, paillettes and pearls on their eyes !

Rocky Gathercole, 4e

Rocky Gathercole, 8e

 Rocky Gathercole, 7e

Rocky Gathercole, 11e

There was so much creativity in this designer’s work. When I asked Phoenix Fashion Week Director Brian Hill how he was going to top last year’s astounding finale from designer Furne One, he said, “You just wait. Rocky Gathercole will have the crowd on its feet.”

They were.

And at the end of the show, the models lined up on the runway while the photographers made a mad dash to shoot these clothes up close. No animals were harmed…

Rocky Gathercole, 14e

although I must admit, a little part of me died inside…

Rocky Gathercole, 1e

when I saw the sleeves on this…

Rocky Gathercole, 15e

And so, as I struggled to find the words to describe this show to you, my dear readers, all I could come up with was this…

Rocky Gathercole, 2e

The thrilla from Manila was killa !

Rocky Gathercole, ladies and gents. Take note.

p.s. Would love to hear what you think below. Don’t be shy.

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JOANNE GRELL October 9, 2013 at 8:52 am

I have been privvy to see two of Rocky Gathercole’s shows in years passed, both in New York. Both times, the crowd has not only risen to their feet, but they have cheered. When they see this tiny powerhouse come on the runway, they are astounded to know that such huge creativity comes in such a small package. I predict that Rocky Gathercole will take Hollywood by storm. Within the next 1-2 years his will be a household name. Bravo Mr. Gathercole, Bravo!

Yazmin N. October 9, 2013 at 12:55 pm

I was lucky enough to be there on Saturday to see the amazing finalle. I will say as well Rocky Gathercole blew me away with the designs and just how different they were from each other. His creations are out of this world. It was fresh, new and like nothing I have ever seen before. Just amazing, fresh and original. This was the first fashion event I had ever been to and must say I will be back to see more and see what new creations there will be next year. Looking forward to witnessing this designer’s creations along with his successes. WIll definately keep my eyes open for him. Thank you Rocky Gathercole for showing the world what you can do! I applaude you!

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