Photo Gallery: Vince Camuto at Scottsdale Dillard’s, April 9

April 10, 2011

Dillard's Vince Camuto personal apperance - employee

Team spirit was everywhere. All the Dillard’s associates dressed in their Vince Camuto garb, but with their own personal style. This is Carrie, from Lancome. She was rockin’ the hot pink sequin beret !

Model wearing Vince Camuto shoes and handbag

One of the models, in Vince Camuto shoes and handbag from the new spring collection.

Vince Camuto & Annemarie Dillard

Vince Camuto and Annemarie Dillard, from the Fashion Files, welcome the crowd. When he appeared on the floor, he got a round of applause from the crowd. Honestly, never seen anything like it !

Mob scene at Dillard's Scottsdale for Vince Camuto

Madness ensued.

Vince Camuto & fans, Scottsdale Fashionista

Vince signed shoes, handbags and photos all day. And mugged for the camera…

Pictured here, from left to right, Melissa Marler, Lisa Williams from Dillard’s, Vince, yours truly, and Annemarie Dillard.

Vince & his wife, Louise Camuto -  Dillard's

Vince and his really lovely wife, Louise Camuto.

Louise is a bona fide beauty queen, as in former Miss Sweden and Miss Scandinavia. Also, a Marketing Maven, with style to the nines. Hardly seems fair, does it ? And then she was really nice on top of it.

This is my favorite pic, though.

Annemarie Dillard on the sales floor at Dillard's Scottsdale

Annemarie Dillard, on the floor assisting a customer with her shoe purchase. Ya gotta love a girl who’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help out when it’s needed. Total doll.

This was a fun energy-packed event…did you get a chance to go ?

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Marcy April 28, 2011 at 4:27 pm


I attended this event and was wondering were I can locate the individual pictures that were taken with Mr. Camuto and customers.

Karen McKnight April 28, 2011 at 4:39 pm

I’m not sure who was taking the photos you’re referring to. The photos on my site are the photos I took. Did you try contacting Dillard’s ?

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