Jean Paul Gaultier pays tribute to Amy Winehouse in his Spring Couture collection

January 26, 2012

On the final day of the Spring 2012 Couture shows, designer Jean Paul Gaultier paid tribute to Amy Winehouse with a captivating collection she would have loved. Models walked the runway with their hair styled in sky-high beehives, complete with beauty marks and wing-tipped eyeliner. Model Paolla Rahmier sauntered out with a cigarette in her hand and then stamped it out at the end of the runway !

Jean Paul Gaultier 22

It was irreverent and rebellious and beautiful, as only Jean Paul Gaultier can do.

Jean Paul Gaultier 4

Jean Paul Gaultier 19

Jean Paul Gaultier 18

Jean Paul Gaultier 16

Jean Paul Gaultier 36

Jean Paul Gaultier 31

Jean Paul Gaultier 40

Jean Paul Gaultier 70

There were 12 couture collections in all this year: Armani, Dior, Elie Saab, Giambattista Valli were some of the most notable among them.

But this collection was truly unique and a fitting tribute to a singer who’s talent and style captivated us from the beginning until the tragic end.

We read a lot about where designers find their inspirations for their designs. But an entire 70- piece couture collection devoted to the style of a bright young talent like Amy Winehouse can really only be called a work of passion. I think it’s brilliant.

How about you ?


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Vanja Veric January 31, 2012 at 4:19 pm

I loved the collection! It was a huge risk to use Amy as inspiration especially so soon after her death. I know there was a big backlash from her family in regards to this collection and while I understand her parents being unhappy with her persona being “exploited” I was happy that the tribute was done in good taste. You could tell he wasn’t trying to demean her or make fun of her, it was really a tribute.
While I could have done without the models smoking at the end of the runway, I loved the bold colors and innovative silhouettes. It was pinup vintage with a great rocker edge; absolutely perfect.

Karen McKnight February 1, 2012 at 8:00 am

I actually wrote this post before the whole controversy happened and her father issued his negative statements about the collection. Of course, I don’t know Mr. Gaultier personally, but from the outside looking in, it seemed to me a passionate tribute to Amy’s unique style. I found it interesting that some people suggested he should have contacted her family before he released the collection…maybe so, but I don’t think he saw it as anything other than what he expressed himself; he had always admired her style and thought it was original and iconic. I think it was consistent with Jean Paul Gaultier’s design aesthetic over the years: his collections have always had an edgy, rock and roll, dark side – it’s not surprising to me that he saw her as a muse.
Thanks for your comment; I’m glad you weighed in !
Would love to hear what other readers have to say about it; do you think this collection crossed the line ?

Liz February 6, 2012 at 11:21 am

I think this is beautiful and tasteful. Though, the pain of losing a child could reasonably bring out emotions in a parent maybe wouldn’t make sense to outsiders. The fact of the matter is that her father probably has some guilt pertaining to her demise (that he feels he could have in some way saved her) and is sort of projecting those feelings on JPG, the media, etc. He has to realize that his daughter was a public figure with a very specific image which not only included her personal style, but sadly was largely about her addiction and for lack of a better word, being a mess. If anything, JPG really “cleaned up” and presented her style, essence if you will, in a much better way than she presented herself. Sad, but true.

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