Gettin’ that J Lo glow with Body Bling !

March 28, 2012

Scott Barnes - Body Bling Tinted MoisturizerPersonally speaking, since I’ve lived in the desert, my skin has never been more pale and untanned. It’s those darn SPF police, patrolling the streets of Scottsdale with giant warning signs, “DO NOT GO OUT IN THE SUN UNLESS YOU WANT SKIN CANCER !”

Sheesh, people, I get it. But then I look down at my pasty white legs and realize I might as well be living where it actually snows in the winter. Horror of horrors.

And since I’m too busy ( read: lazy ) to haul my ghostly white self to a spray tan salon, I need a quick DIY solution.

I wanna glow like J Lo.

Jennifer Lopez in Vogue magazine

And since we look exactly the same, like really we could almost be twins, all I need is a little help in the bronzy glow department.

After extensive research into why she looks better than me, I discovered her healthy bronze glow is not even real. She only looks that way because of makeup artist Scott Barnes and his Body Bling bronzer.

This stuff is the bomb-diggity ! You apply it after you shower, no special gloves needed – just use your hands – and rub it in to all the exposed areas that show with whatever you’re wearing. You don’t need to put it all over your body or underneath your clothes, so you don’t waste product or have to worry about it rubbing off on your new Dolce & Gabbana blouse or your favorite Hello Kitty yoga pants.

It doesn’t streak, it’s natural looking and the best part ? It lasts until you shower again and easily washes off ! If you accidentally apply too much in one area, you can just take a towel and buff it out a little. Then wash your hands. Seriously easy-peasy.

There are 2 formulas; I’ve used them both. The Original formula is darker; since I have olive skin I used that first and it was perfect for me without making me look like I just spent 2 months in Tahiti.

If you do want that look, feel free to use the whole darn tube.

The other formula is the Platinum for lighter skin, in case you’re a real blonde. ( You know who you are…) I found that it’s a great solution for your upper areas like your neck and arms if you just want a little healthy color -  it’s got a bit of a rosy glow to it on my skin. If you have both formulas, you can mix them, for your own customized bronzy, rosy J Lo-y glow.

Scott Barnes Body Bling Tinted Moisturizer has just become available at all Dillard’s locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale and online. It sells for $42 for a 4 oz. bottle or you can try a mini 1 oz bottle for just $8 to see if you like it.

Scott is going to be at Dillard’s in Scottsdale Fashion Square for a personal appearance on Saturday, April 28, from 2 to 4 p.m. You can meet him; he’ll be signing his book, About Face, and introducing Body Bling to Scottsdale so we can all be bronzed glowing goddesses all year long !

Scott Barnes - About Face book

And the SPF police can just move along now… and take your signs with you.

p.s. Stay tuned for details on how to win a set of Body Bling for yourself, coming soon from Scottsdale Fashionista !



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Oh to Be a Muse March 28, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Oh, I wish I were in Scottsdale for this upcoming event. I don’t need my skin to glow like J.Lo’s, but I think this is a good product and a good way to get a tan without the sun, lol. :)

Terrie March 28, 2012 at 9:31 pm

Hello Kitty yoga pants…?

Karen McKnight March 28, 2012 at 9:39 pm

Oh to Be a Muse…It should be fun ! I do think it’s a great product and I’m looking forward to meeting Scott. Maybe he’ll come to your area too !

Karen McKnight March 28, 2012 at 9:41 pm

Yes, Hello Kitty Yoga pants… because as the saying goes, ” You’re never too old for Hello Kitty ! ”

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