April 2013

Inspired by the color of butterfly wings, the dazzling new L’Ete Papillon de Chanel makeup collection has just launched. We’ll show you how to create a new summer look in our step-by-step makeover and highlight some of the amazing new products in the line !

Chanel Papillon, 1e

It’s a delicious new color palette; you’ll find cool aquas, warm peach tones and glittering golds for eyes, alongside bright blues and yellows in the new Inimitable mascaras.

Chanel Papillon, Mascara, 3e

These are waterproof !

Chanel Papillon makeup, 6e

The Stylo Eyeshadows, pictured on the left, are light and creamy and perfect for building color on your lids.

We wanted to see how the experts apply this shimmering new palette, so we asked Chanel makeup artist, Arielle Rondeau from Saks Fifth Avenue, to makeover our model.

Chanel Papillon, 7e

You might recognize her; she’s the very lovely Kira Brown, aka Downtown Kira Brown on Twitter.

Kira agreed to appear, sans makeup for before and after photos, and can I just say that is an amazing act of bravery in itself ?!  Then again, who looks this good without makeup ?

Sorta disgusting, huh ?

Chanel Papillon makeover, 5e

We gotta start with the “Before” photo, and just so you know, I did not do any airbrushing on this photo. Kira has beautiful skin to begin with…

Arielle started by moisturizing Kira’s face and lips; all she’s wearing in the photo above is Rogue Coco Shine Baume, which is a very French term for lip balm ! She applied a light layer of Vitalumiere Aqua Skin Perfecting Makeup, a touch of Blush Rose Envoille and Soleil Tan Sheer Illuminating Fluide to highlight the T area. On her lips, she’s wearing Envolle Lip Gloss.

Then she applied the Jade Shore Stylo eyeshadow on Kira’s eyelids.

Chanel Papillon ,8e

This is rolled on and then lightly patted to blend. How gorgeous is this ?

Chanel Papillon, 9e

Next, she applied the Black Stream Stylo eyeshadow along the lash line, by turning the pencil around and using the edge. It’s a genius design for lining.

Chanel Papillon, 10e

Plus, you don’t need to worry about drawing a precise line; you just draw it across the lash line and smudge with your finger.

Arielle did the same thing on the lower lash line, using the Pink Lagoon shade.

Chanel Papillon, 11e

Then, the Cool Gold Stylo was used to highlight the inner eye corners and just a short swoop under the brow.

Chanel Papillon, 12e

Arielle applied a coat of the new Inimitable Waterproof mascara in Noir (black) and voila – the Butterfly emerges !

Chanel, Papillon, 14e

How gorgeous does she look ?!! I think the combination of the 3 Stylo colors bring out Kira’s beautiful eyes to the ultimate effect and yet she doesn’t look overly made up. It looks very natural, don’t you think ?

Then our conversation went like this…

Me to Kira: OK, seriously, you are glowing.

Kira: I am glowing, huh ?

Me to Arielle: Why is she glowing ? Where did that come from ? Is that the Illuminator stuff you put on her ? Cuz if so, I need a case of that.

Arielle: Well, she started with a natural healthy glow of her own, but yes, that’s the Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid. I put it on her in the T- area (underneath the eyes on her face , along the nose and on the forehead). It really helps illuminate your skin and gives you that healthy-looking glow we all want.

Me: Um, yeah. Sign me up.

Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid, Saks Fifth Avenue

This little Chanel love potion is $48. On the Saks website, you are limited to ordering six of these a month because it’s in high demand ! Apparently, I’m not the only girl who wanted a case…

Before, After of Kira Brown in Chanel Papillon makeup

The Before & After photo…

There are lots of colorful new products in the Chanel L’Ete Papillon collection including these brilliant summer nail polishes…

Chanel Papillon, Nail polish, 4e

You can find everything we featured here at Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix; just look for this display at the Chanel counter. It’s even shaped like a butterfly !

Chanel Papillon, 2e

Or, better yet, schedule an appointment with the lovely Arielle and she will transform you into the fluttering papillon you were meant to be ! And you’ll get one of these DIY sheets, with all the products and how to apply them yourself for future reference.

Chanel Papillon, 18e

For more information on any of the products here, or to schedule an appointment, call the Saks Fifth Avenue Chanel counter at 602-955-8000, ext. 5361.

My thanks to Kira Brown for modeling, Arielle Rondeau for her Chanel artistry and our friends at Saks who called me the second the shipment arrived so that I could show you Chanel’s gorgeous new summer beauty look.

Now fly, my little lovelies… it is a limited edition collection !

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I don’t know what it is about spring shopping that brings a smile to a woman’s face, but there was no smile shortage at the Coldwater Creek store in Kierland Commons last weekend !

Coldwater Creek, 9e

Maybe it’s all the bright spring colors…

Coldwater Creek, 4e

Coldwater Creek, 3e

Coldwater Creek, 6e

Even in the midst of “serious style advice” from yours truly, smiles just broke out…

Coldwater Creek, 2e

I’m clearly quite elated about wearing this black and white jacket that I love…

Not to mention, in two hours, we gave away 9 awesome spring pieces and this entire outfit !

Coldwater Creek, Scottsdale, 1ae

Women dig winning free stuff !

Coldwater Creek, 8e

And adding bright happy colors to their wardrobe…

Coldwater Creek, 11e

And I loved meeting everyone there, answering style questions and trying on clothes right along with everyone.

This is me, trying on this cute black lace skirt I fell in love with… over my pants.

Coldwater Creek, 5e

And this is me with a last bit of style advice…

Don’t ever do this. Go to the dressing room and try it on properly because you’ll get home and it won’t fit right and then you’ll have to go back to the store and get a different size, which will end up costing you more money because when you go back you’ll just see more things you want and have to buy them.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

So yeah, I’ll see all my new bff’s from the Coldwater Creek store – Cristina, Marlene, Mikaela, Michelle and all the wonderfully friendly staff who helped make this event such a great success -again next week.

In the dressing room !


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