November 2011


Balenciaga bag Neiman Marcus

1. It’s incredibly luxurious and beautiful.

2. There is only one of these at Neiman Marcus so only one lucky girl is going to get it.

3. Attached to one of those leather straps is a little whistle.

4. Last night I had a dream that my hubby gave me this for Christmas and I walked around the mall blowing the whistle and a crowd of women formed around me, marveling over me and my one-of-a-kind Balenciaga bag.

Seriously, I think I’m losing it… so thanks a lot LIZ BALIS AT NEIMAN MARCUS SCOTTSDALE for torturing me with this.

You are so off my Christmas card list…



Chanel Holiday 2011 Makeup

Luxe gold, black noir and shimmering red are the stars in Chanel’s 2011 Holiday Collection. If you like the look, here’s our step-by-step transformation applied on our model by Chanel makeup artist Helen Mack from our very own Scottsdale Nordstrom.

Our model is the lovely Gabriele, who volunteered accepted my bribe to appear sans make-up in this holiday make-up tutorial.

Brave Gabriele - sans makeup

She is brave. And she’s not a heavy makeup kinda gal.

Chanel Eyes - Noir-Ivoire & Blazing Gold

First, Helen applied these eye shadows; she likes to do the eyes first. That way, she explained, you can correct any smudges or boo-boos before you have your foundation on.

Gabriele - Chanel make-over 1

She applied Ivoire shadow on the lid and underneath the brow line; the Noir shadow in the creases and corner of the lids.

Next, she applied eyeliner and mascara.

Gabriele - Chanel make-over 2

The Blazing Gold shadow was applied along the lower lash line.

For the foundation, she used Vitalumiere, beige rose (B20). If you haven’t tried this amazing formulation yet, I highly recommend it. It’s got a beautiful dewy finish and is light as air. I love it.

Gabriele - Chanel make-over 5

She also applied Tweed Brun Rose blush and the Ferrie illuminating powder, which adds a bit of sparkle and a light finish.

Gabriele - proper cheek sucking motion

Gabriele demonstrates the proper cheek-sucking-in motion for the blush application. Money shot.

Next, the lips…

Gabriele - Chanel make-over 3

Helen used Rouge Allure “Famous” satin lip color, and finished the look with Myriade (#106) lip gloss.

Gabriele -Voila !

Voila ! It’s amazing what a difference a bright red lip can make. I love how Helen kept a light hand as she applied this beautiful makeup.

Uh oh…now Helen & The Model are bff’s.

Helen & Gabriele - Chanel - 6

This never ends well.

Gabriele - Chanel make-over 7

Because now I’m getting the “ You are going to buy this entire Chanel collection for me, right, Mother ?” look.

Thank heaven, I am a professional at this.

“Well, let me think about it… First, I think we should discuss it over lunch.” And deftly, I move her away from the cosmetic counter, and into the restaurant where I distract her with a delicious bowl of the world famous Nordstrom Tomato Soup !

Gabriele gets Nordstrom tomato soup

I’m like a magician.

Anywho, you can find the Chanel 2011 Holiday Collection online at Nordstrom, or wherever Chanel is sold. If you want to schedule your own custom Chanel make-over, call Helen Mack  (Scottsdale Fashion Square) at 480-429-1054.

p.s. My sincere thanks to The Model, Gabriele, for volunteering her time and her bare-faced beauty for this post. I’m a little biased, but you’ll forgive me for that right ?


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