September 2010

Forbes 400 List 2010

I spent the evening poring over the Forbes 400 list.

I need to get a life, I know, but there are some truly fascinating people on this illustrious list.

There is exactly one fashion designer on the Forbes 400. ( Well, actually there’s two; but I’ll explain that in a minute. )

Ralph Lauren

Anywho, his name is Ralph Lauren. He has created a fashion empire we’re all familiar with. I’m happy to report that I have supported him, as has every woman in my family for years.

You’re welcome , Ralph. Love to see the ranch in Telluride next time you throw a shindig, k ?

I’ll be bringing my friend T, who for the 10 years I knew him bought a new Polo shirt every other week, vastly contributing to your fortune and your childrens’ college fund.

So, first on the list of how to make the list is:

1. Design a fashion line. Make sure it’s timeless, represents the American woman, from birth to death, encompassing every lifestyle item imaginable, from sheets to swimsuits, boots to suits, house paint to harem pants, throw in some iconic fragrances, come up with a little animal emblem you can put on a golf shirt that everyone in the universe will at some time own in at least 10 colors.  Do this every year for the rest of your life. Just like…

Ralph Lauren. #60. Worth $4.4 billion

2. Sell running shoes. Start with Japanese running shoes that you sell from the trunk of your car to earn extra money. Start your own footwear company, name it after a Greek goddess, hire an unknown artist to design your logo. Pay her $245 for said logo which will eventually be worn by every minor and major league team in every sport known to man, across the globe, including badminton. Hire the world’s premiere atheletes as your spokespeople. Every last stinkin’ one of them. Just like…

Phil Knight. #23. Founder of Nike. Worth $11.1 billion

3. Go from hippie to overlord of a trendy retail empire with 341 stores. Come up with a catchy name and make it the place where all the cool kids shop. Put one in every major retail center in America, and every college town. Sell everything from clothes to books and crap like this that college kids think they need.

George the Terrier Urban Outfitters

Just like…

Richard Hayne. # 308. Founder of Urban Outfitters. Worth $1.3 billion.

4. Be a member of the lucky gene pool. If your mom founded the world’s most successful cosmetics company, built it into a empire over the course of a lifetime of hard work and knowing what women want, you’re in luck. Cuz eventually, she’ll kick the bucket and you’ll be left holding the bag o’ money with your equally wealthy bro. Then you can do cool stuff,  like buy Picassos, become chairman of the Whitney Art Museum, be the U.S. ambassador to Austria, or spend $135 million dollars on this.

Ronald Lauder's $135 million Klimt painting

Ronald Lauder,#124 – Estee Lauder’s son, worth $2.8 billion

Leonard Lauder, #66 – Ronald Lauder’s even wealthier older bro, worth $4.2 billion

5.  Marry into it. But do it right. First, marry some royal dude. Establish connections and wear diamond tiaras to all the best parties. Jet set around. Become a fashion model. Then start your own fashion line, with one iconic item that flatters every woman. Get rich and famous off one knit wrap dress. Lose the boring royal dude. Marry a rich media mogul, re-invent yourself. Cuz now, you’ve earned the right to be on the list. Just like…

Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg

Diane Von Furstenberg married to Barry Diller . #332. Multi-media mogul. Worth $1.2 billion

Now, there’s lots of ways to make the Forbes 400. Real estate, oil, investment banking, hedge funds, tech companies.

But this one is my favorite. Why ?

Because it’s simple.

Because this guy just made one thing and then he sold the crap out of it. I like that in a billionaire.

6. Make cheese. Mozzarella cheese. Yummy, soft, melty mozzarella. I ask you, who among us does not love mozzarella cheese ? All you have to do is find a couple of good accounts. Like Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Hot Pockets. Next thing ya know, you’re the world’s largest mozzarella maker. And then you watch your profits soar as pizza chains start to spread across Asia, spreading the love ( and profits ) of mozzarella to billions of unsuspecting Asian people everywhere. Just like…

James Leprino. #136. Founder of Leprino Foods. Worth $2.6 billion

They’re all inspirational in their own way. They deserve our admiration and support for their relentless pursuit of the American dream.

So, I urge you, as you spend your hard-earned dollars on life’s necessities… support your local billionaire. Buy

Nike tennis shoes,

a DVF wrap dress,

an Estee Lauder lipstick,

a Ralph Lauren polo shirt,

a Hot Pocket,

and most definitely,

buy these, put them in your guest room, making you the envy of the neighborhood and automatically cool:

the Urban Outfitters Wiener Dog Pillowcase Set.

Wiener Dog Pillowcase Set - Urban Outfitters

It’s just the right thing to do.


Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold jewelry started popping up this spring and it’s in full bloom !  If you’re craving something fresh for your jewelry stash, here are some affordable modern pieces you will love forever.

Argento Vivo Rose Gold Bracelet

Argento Vivo Rose Gold Plated Bracelet, $298

Ariella Collection Open Work Ring

Ariella Collection Open Work Ring, $58

Ariella Eternity Ring

Ariella Eternity Ring, Set of 3, $48

Nordstrom Long Linked Rose Gold Necklace

Nordstrom Long Linked Rose Gold Necklace, $38

Ippolito Teardrop Smoky Quartz Earrings in Rose Gold

Ippolito Teardrop Smoky Quartz Earrings in Rose Gold, $175

If you’re in the market for a watch, today’s top designers offer you lots of choices in rose gold; they seem to be everywhere ! From Michael Kors to DKNY, to Dolce & Gabbana, there’s a tremendous selection of styles and price ranges in stores right now.

Rose Gold Watches

Designer Rose Gold Watches

Here are a few of our favorites…

Michael Kors Runway Rose Gold Watch

Michael Kors Runway Rose Gold Watch, $250

I actually tried this on at the Anniversary Sale and am still kicking myself for not buying it then. It’s striking on.

Emporio Armani Rose Gold Watch

Emporio Armani Rose Gold Watch, $395

This combination of chocolate brown and rose gold is deliciously rich looking; great stand-alone piece.

Glam Rock Rose Gold Watch

Glam Rock Rose Gold Watch, $995

This black and gold Glam Rock watch is so beautifully classic and keeps haunting me, I love it sooooo much.

All of the pieces above are available at Nordstrom.

If you haven’t added rose gold to your treasure chest, it’s a striking addition that’s versatile, modern and classic all rolled into one.

And, it looks great with any skin tone. Pinky swear.


Scottsdale salons get some love from In Style mag’s October Issue !

September 28, 2010

InStyle‘s new issue has a feature this month, ” the Ultimate Beauty Black Book “,  spotlighting the best salons and services from across the country and Scottsdale’s finally on the map ! We love the recognition, but even better, InStyle and the featured locales are offering 20% discounts to customers. In the Hair Cuts category, [...]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Louboutins: A Tale of Redemption

September 26, 2010

On Friday, Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Beverly Hills courthouse, wearing her Louboutins. Thankfully, this is documented by AP photographer Paul Buck. But just in case you missed it, the courtroom sketch artist, Mona Shafer Edwards, also documents the Lohan Louboutins . Thank God. The judge is unimpressed and orders Lindsay back to jail, with [...]

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The newest collection from Beyonce ? Tattoos

September 25, 2010

In her fall ad campaign for her fashion line Dereon, Beyonce was photographed showing a prominently tattooed back. Apparently, they got such a “big response”  that she has decided to release a new line of temporary tattoo kits. The airbrushed tattoos were created by Temptu, an airbrush makeup company. They have produced a variety of [...]

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Couture Designer Oday Shakar debuts his captivating fall collection in Phoenix !

September 24, 2010

You might not know him by name yet, but Oday Shakar is one of fashion’s rising stars. The California- based designer has received rave reviews on his red carpet looks, and stars from Sandra Bullock to Jennifer Carpenter,  are turning up, and turning heads in his exquisite designs. Mr. Shakar’s designs are Hollywood -glam -come- [...]

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Today’s interview: Couture Fashion Designer Oday Shakar

September 23, 2010

You might not know his name, but Sandra Bullock does. This is Sandra wearing Oday’s beautiful black sequin dress at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Oday will be in Phoenix this week-end for the Trends Fashion Show and Fundraiser at the Arizona Biltmore. You can read the in-depth interview here tomorrow; he’s had a pretty [...]

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Are you ready for your close-up ?

September 23, 2010

This week-end, join Neiman Marcus and Arizona Foothills Magazine for a fun-filled event bound to put a smile on your face ! The Current Event kicks off tonight at 5 .You can have a make-over done, then step into the styling area for professional styling tips and a free photo shoot. Use your updated photo [...]

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Calling all fashionistas ! Phoenix Fashion Week is coming up…

September 22, 2010

Phoenix Fashion Week is just around the corner on October 7-9, at the W hotel in Scottsdale, so it’s time to get it on your calendar ! This is the 6th annual Phoenix Fashion Week and there’s lots going on, including: 35 Fashion Shows, featuring both emerging and established designers. Tickets for the runway shows [...]

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5 fresh signature looks you’ll love from the Burberry Spring Collection !

September 21, 2010

Christopher Bailey continues to re-invent the classic trench coat that Burberry is known for. This spring collection wowed the crowd at London Fashion Week this morning, which included style-makers Anna Wintour from Vogue, Alexa Chung and of course, SJP ! Love the pops of color. Turquoise, lime green, even hot pinks… The biker look was [...]

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