August 2010

I got ” shellacked ” yesterday ! Me drinky too much : not fashionable

Well, my nails got shellacked. (I just had one margarita; hardly qualifies for saying I was shellacked…)

Anywho, when it comes to the nail department, I am totally lame. I cannot commit to the weekly maintenance involved with lovely looking nails. Too busy. It’s just too far down my priority list. Most the time my nails look like I was just released from prison where I was assigned to kitchen detail for the last 3 years.

Which is why nail shellac could be my new best friend.

Here’s the deets: I had my nails shellacked at Ancala Nails. My nail tech was Kim; she explained the products and process quite thoroughly and did a fabulous job. Thanks, Kim.

There are apparently several different companies with ” shellac ” products. Ancala Nails uses Creative Nail Designs; they tested several and felt this one was the best. Stays on longest; shiniest, overall a better quality product than others out there.

Since I’m only on day 2, I can only report the following.

1- It was fast. Less than half an hour for me, with a manicure.

2- It is dry instantly. Cuz I’m the girl who never makes it through the first hour without ruining my newly manicured nails, this is huge. They really were dry and hard ! Yay !

3- Very shiny. Shiny is good.

4- It’s supposed to last for 2 weeks; since this is only day 2 for me, it still looks fantastic. No chips or fading yet.

5- Affordable. 28 bucks, with manicure.

6- Now, you do have to go back in and have them remove it; there should be no damage to your nails. If you try to chip it off yourself, it could wreak some havoc on your nails though, I was warned.

7- Shellac is supposed to make your real nails harder and less prone to breaking.

I will report back as time goes on; right now I am loving the Red Baroness. Here’s a pic.

Red Baroness Nail Shellac

Here’s the pertinent info on Ancala Nails. 11300 E. Via Linda, Suite B, Scottsdale, 85259. 480-860-0650

( NW corner of Via Linda & Frank LLoyd Wright, behind the Walgreen’s )

Here’s more stuff on Creative Nail Design’s Shellac.

If any of you fashionistas have been “shellacked ” in Scottsdale, give me your reviews in comments or on my contact form, OK ?

We’ll compare notes !

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Claire Danes in  Armani Prive

Lovely from head to toe, Claire Danes in Armani Prive.


Rita Wilson in Prada

Note to Rita Wilson: Please fire your stylist.

And burn those shoes.

The End.

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